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Congratulations to Sarah and her Staff Team on the result of the recent Ofsted inspection, which rated Cressex Lodge as a Good school. This has been achieved after 4 years of very hard work and consistent support by all concerned. Well done! The Ofsted report can be downloaded from our Education page (Our Services>Education)

In October 2016 our home, SC431807,  built on its existing Ofsted rating of Good by being awarded ‘improved effectiveness’ in their interim inspection. There were many accolades included in Ofsted’s report, with special mentions for the remarkable progress young people had made in regards to their education, and the high levels of joint working that had taken place to deliver a structured therapeutic programme. Our inspector also highlighted the excellent management and delivery of transitions in and out the home, with the upmost consideration given to the emotional impact each move had had on the young people. A parent summed up the high levels of professionalism and motivation exhibited by the staff team perfectly “They have been so brilliant – everything they said they would do, they have done”.

SWAAY colleagues attended the NOTA Conference in Brighton last week where it was announced that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published guidance on dealing with the consequences of sexually harmful behaviour among children and young people. The paper can be viewed and downloaded here:

Congratulations to Andy, Jo, the team at SWAAY SC431807 and all those involved in working with the boys. It was a pleasure to see that you got a GOOD Ofsted rating following your recent inspection!

Congratulations to Sasha, the new Registered Manager of SC431806, whose leadership of her team since her appointment has resulted in the house being judged as achieving Sustained Effectiveness in its Interim Inspection after its Outstanding award in October.  Well done to the Team and everyone who helped them deliver the highest level of care for our boys.
Congratulations to our Team at SC431806 which was rated as Outstanding in their recent Ofsted inspection. We all know the hard work and commitment that this represents on behalf of Staff and the benefit that this level of care gives to our boys.
Circles South East is part of  a charitable company whose aim is to reduce the harm caused by sexual abuse in the community. Circles has worked with SWAAY to develop a new youth programme for young people displaying sexually harmful behaviour. The programme sets out to reduce their social isolation, loneliness and impulsivity by providing them with a 'Circle of Support' to help them to manage their everyday life in the community.

The success of the project depends upon volunteers, drawn from many walks of life. Volunteers are all provided with full training and supervision so, if you're interested in finding out more, contact Tracy on 01235 816050 or email
Most young people at SWAAY have a speech, language or communication difficulty, often in addition to a learning disability, or a more hidden difficulty.  Samantha Richards and Emma Hoare from our Therapy Team are presenting at the Research in Practice Conference in Birmingham on the 20th March: Using a case study, they will outline how we identify speech, language and communication needs, and how these are worked with therapeutically within SWAAY. Visit the RIP website for details of the event:, and if you can’t attend our presentation will be available for download from our Resources page after the event.
Many Local Authorities have been speaking to us over the summer months about new referrals and we are very pleased that we are going to be helping more Young People to manage the effects of their previously traumatic lives. To help us in that task we are seeking talented and dedicated people in all three areas of work; Education, Therapy and Residential Care.

Please visit our Careers page to find out more!

As the temperature rises tempers fray and it becomes increasingly difficult to help young people to stay calm and enjoy their planned activities and leisure time. Sometimes we get some news out of the blue that keeps us motivated by reminding us of the positive outcomes we achieve together. Last month the Social Worker responsible for one of the young people wrote to us to say how pleased she is with the work that we’ve done. Here’s an extract of what she had to say:

“Professionals working with SWAAY have also worked well with the YOT and local Police and all relevant health professionals.  I have been impressed with SWAAY’S  resilience as an organisation, for example when things became  difficult in respect of X’s behaviour  they  were able to balance the risks whilst  ensuring  stability for X and  although they did not dismiss his behaviour they were able to  manage the risks posed in a professional manner. The work SWAAY carried out with X has reduced the risks of future harmful sexualised behaviour to low. The work has also impacted on X’s understanding of separation and loss and his difficult childhood experiences.”

The internet provides young people with many positive opportunities but is also fraught with danger. We take our responsibilities for safeguarding children on line very seriously and this month we sent all our Home Managers on the CEOP’s Ambassador Course in Nottingham .

During the course they developed their understanding of current use of the internet and mobile technology; heard the latest news of how offenders are misusing the online environment and how risky behaviour can make young people vulnerable to exploitation.

We found the exercise particularly useful because the training comes with a set of supporting materials to enable the training to be passed on to colleagues to ensure a broad level of awareness across the organisation.

Managed safely, we see internet use as a good example of the benefit of our motto of ‘Equal and open communication.’

Click on the CEOP link on our homepage for more information.

After a particularly challenging week at work we're all inclined to ask ourselves, "Why do I do this?" The answer isn't always easy to articulate but something drives us on to try and help others to manage the difficulties they face in their day-to-day lives. I was looking at the shortlist of entries in Community Care's Inspiring Images of Social Care competition and I was struck by the number of smiling faces in the photographs of caring and cared for people across a wide spectrum of the social care profession. Similar moments of joy do a lot to make up for the challenges we face from time to time here at SWAAY.
Cheer yourself up. Have a look at the shortlist of entries for yourself:|SCSC|SCDDB-20130522-GLOB|news
We are pleased to report that our email server was successfully repaired yesterday and normal service has been restored. Any emails that you have sent will now be delivered and actioned urgently. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

The NSPCC reported in March that over 5,000 offences of under-18s committing child sexual abuse were reported to the police in the last three years.
However there is hope; the evidence we've gathered over twenty-five years of working with young male offenders supports the view expressed in the report  that most young people who receive behaviour changing treatment early on will not continue to sexually abuse others or grow into adult offenders.

Earlier this month Gill Holliday and Annie Houghton from SWAAY gave a presentation on our work to the Youth Offending Service team in Bracknell. Feedback from the audience was most encouraging and we look forward to other opportunities to explain our programme and share our results. You can download the Gill's and Annie's slides from our Resources page. MORE >

We were very pleased to have sponsored the latest Community Care SHB Conference which discussed ways to overcome the challenges in supporting children and young people who display sexually harmful behaviour.

 Gill Holiday and Debbie Royce talked about how SWAAY has used the latest knowledge on the neurological effects of trauma to develop practical tools to effectively treat the ‘whole child' when working with those affected by SHB.

 The urgent need for early interventions using this type of work was highlighted in the Criminal Justice Joint Inspectorate's report, 'Examining Multi-Agency Responses to children and Young People who sexually offend,' the publication of which coincided with the Conference.

 These papers can be downloaded from the 'Useful Links' section of our News page.

For the fourth consecutive year SWAAY are sponsoring the Community Care Conference on the treatment of sexually harmful behaviour. This year's event will be held at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury on the 7th February and will focus on overcoming the challenges to support children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.

We will also be contributing to the Conference with a presentation from our own practitioners on understanding and managing past trauma by effectively treating the 'whole child,' by promoting secure attachments to meet the needs of individual children.

For more details download the Conference brochure, from the Community Care website.

We were very pleased to attend the NOTA (National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers) Conference again this year. We presented a workshop on the theme of “Speech and Language Therapy; one organisation’s new perspective in working more effectively to prevent sexual violence". Registered users may download a pdf copy of the presentation slides from our Resources page.

Sarah Snape, BA (hons), PGCE, PGCE Special Education, NPQH joins Swaay to head up our School in September. Click here for details of Sarah’s biog.
Come and see us at the NOTA (National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers) Conference from September 19 to 21 at the Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh where we will be both exhibiting and presenting on the theme of “Speech and Language Therapy; one organisation’s new perspective in working more effectively to prevent sexual violence".