Praise and Encouragement


As the temperature rises tempers fray and it becomes increasingly difficult to help young people to stay calm and enjoy their planned activities and leisure time. Sometimes we get some news out of the blue that keeps us motivated by reminding us of the positive outcomes we achieve together. Last month the Social Worker responsible for one of the young people wrote to us to say how pleased she is with the work that we’ve done. Here’s an extract of what she had to say:

“Professionals working with SWAAY have also worked well with the YOT and local Police and all relevant health professionals.  I have been impressed with SWAAY’S  resilience as an organisation, for example when things became  difficult in respect of X’s behaviour  they  were able to balance the risks whilst  ensuring  stability for X and  although they did not dismiss his behaviour they were able to  manage the risks posed in a professional manner. The work SWAAY carried out with X has reduced the risks of future harmful sexualised behaviour to low. The work has also impacted on X’s understanding of separation and loss and his difficult childhood experiences.”

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