Presentation to YOS


Earlier this month Gill Holliday and Annie Houghton from SWAAY gave a presentation on our work to the Youth Offending Service team in Bracknell. Feedback from the audience was most encouraging and we look forward to other opportunities to explain our programme and share our results. You can download the Gill's and Annie's slides from our Resources page.

Feedback included:

  • Good presentation; would have liked to have learned more about the organisation
  • Video to support and what YP say about it would have enhanced the experience we gain
  • Should have been longer
  • I will, if the scenario arises, contact SWAAY for further advice. This needs more funding.
  • Talk to/at GP surgeries
  • I found the information and delivery very well done. It was excellent to have a picture of the lives of some of the young people I have seen.
  • This was an incredibly informative and interesting session and the intervention programme being worked on with these boys sounds really impressive. It seems as though more SWAAY groups are needed in all areas of the UK! There were a lot of questions asked and both Annie and Gill answered really comprehensively.
  • Extremely useful. Thanks.
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