NSPCC Report


The NSPCC reported in March that over 5,000 offences of under-18s committing child sexual abuse were reported to the police in the last three years.
However there is hope; the evidence we've gathered over twenty-five years of working with young male offenders supports the view expressed in the report  that most young people who receive behaviour changing treatment early on will not continue to sexually abuse others or grow into adult offenders.

Our evidence shows that early intervention which is targeted and delivered by trained and skilled practitioners can reduce potential for future harm and that the key factor in delivering treatment is a detailed assessment of the young person who has demonstrated sexually harmful behaviour. It is vital that this assessment is made by experts in the field because, as the NSPCC point out,  many young perpetrators "have been the victims of abuse, harm and trauma themselves."

If you need any help and advice, please call us. As well as our residential provision we have an outreach serrvice and we have extensive experience in providing expert withness assessment reports for criminal and civil Court proceedings.

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