Our Services

We provide holistic, 52-week care through three services – therapy, education and residential homes. Together, they form an integrated environment tailored to the needs of each young person.

We provide a stable and consistent care environment, which reduces risk, whilst developing each young person’s life and social skills. Our approach is rooted in:

> Ongoing assessment

We perform ongoing assessments to understand each young person’s past traumas, measure the risk they present and identify their difficulties and developmental stage. Our findings inform all facets of our care, helping us to evolve and deliver the most relevant therapeutic, residential and educational interventions.

> Person-centred decisions

We encourage each young person to get involved in shaping their care by participating in our assessments and reviews. We believe giving them this voice and expecting them to take responsibility for their statements and actions contributes to better decision-making, smoothing the path towards rehabilitation.

> Complete care

We offer complete in-house care, which we extend outwards and onwards, wherever possible. Programmes include family therapy to help young people rebuild healthy familial relationships and aftercare services to support SWAAY residents after leaving.


SWAAY provides an attachment and trauma informed therapeutic milieu to enable the young people in our care to develop secure and healthy relationships and to build resilience and developmental competency. This in turn aims to change their internalised perceptions of past experiences and embed new experiences that will increase their abilities to form rewarding relationships in the future. Find out more>


We use individual, group and family therapy to help young people explore, make sense of and move on from past abusive behaviours. Find out more>


Our DfE- and Ofsted-registered school provides each young person with a full-time education designed to inspire their interests and abilities. Find out more>


We provide family-style homes within the Thames Valley, providing young people with a containing and supportive living environment. Find out more>


Our work continues after placement with services to help young people take the next steps in life. Find out more>