Therapy Continued

Our therapeutic input covers individual, group and family work to help young people confront their difficulties, develop healthy relationships and rebuild their lives.

Depending on their needs, our young people participate in the following therapeutic programmes:

> Pathway

Our social and emotional competency Pathway programme runs for 3 to 9 months and is delivered as a standalone entity or a precursor to our Gateway Programme. Pathway uses role-play, art and multimedia to help young people:

  • Improve their communication and listening skills
  • Better understand the effects of bullying
  • Share their thoughts and feelings
  • Respect the views and rights of others
  • Demonstrate empathy and concern.

> Gateway

Our 18-month Gateway Programme consists of weekly modules and employs group-based, offence-specific therapy to generate insights into risk, challenge attitudes and assist in the development of alternative life strategies. Elements focus on a broad spectrum of issues from sex and relationships to rights and responsibilities. We also operate a Focused Intervention Programme where two young people with more complex needs work through specially tailored Gateway-inspired modules together.

> Relapse prevention & moving on

Our Relapse Prevention and Moving On Programmes help Gateway graduates consolidate their learning and prepare for independence. Both run for at least 6 months and emphasise skills such as risk management, coping mechanisms and achieving positive goals through our ‘Good Lives’ approach, which aims to build the skills needed for a socially integrated life and so contribute to a safer society.

> Family therapy

Family support can be critical in a young person’s rehabilitation. Our Family Therapy introduces family support at referral and aims to maintain it throughout a young person’s placement.  We gather all relevant information before conducting assessments to determine the familial factors associated with the abuse that has occurred. We then work to re-introduce family members to the young person involved, encouraging the breaking of any code of silence surrounding the abuse.

> Therapy Staff team

Therapy Team