Aftercare Continued

We provide each young person with a structured leaving plan and the help they need to develop essential life skills.

> Planned & tailored transitions

As they approach leaving, we devise a structured transition for each young person, which accounts for their specific needs in preparing for and taking the next steps in life. In line with the Ofsted Children's Rights Director's 2012 After Care report, we back each transition plan with services to help them:

  • Access further education, training and employment
  • Secure appropriate housing
  • Manage money and budgeting
  • Understand benefits, rights and obligations
  • Develop domestic and independence skills
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships
  • Manage emotional needs and issues.

> Supported accommodation

We provide supported living to assist young people in moving towards independence, providing accommodation in two semi-independent SWAAY homes with either 24-hour or a limited staff presence. Depending on individual circumstances, we then gradually reduce this supervision, encouraging increased responsibility for life and independence.

> Education & employment

We recognise that education and employment improve young people’s life chances and reduce the risks of social exclusion. With this in mind we provide career advice via our school and careers partners and collaborate with local organisations to secure work experience for our young people at Year 11. We also partner with local colleges to help leavers find and pursue the best educational or vocational courses for their needs.

> Community-based interventions

We provide those who have left us with a continuing sense of safety and belonging. We do this by providing Outreach support within their accommodation, and other community-based interventions such as home visits, relapse prevention meetings and help with applying for college places, training and employment. The knowledge that we are still there to help is often all that’s needed to help them settle into adult life.