Community-based Service

Our Community Based Service offers tailor made assessments and interventions for children, young people, young adults and their families in and around the Thames Valley area who have engaged in harmful and/or concerning sexual behaviour.

The team is made up of experienced and highly skilled psychologists, therapists and a social worker who work together in order to provide a service which has child protection and community safety at its heart.

> Assessment

The assessment process begins with a completed referral form and progresses to an initial professionals meeting where information is gathered and the tailor made assessment is agreed.

SWAAY Community Based Service strive to work together with parents/carers and professionals and, for that reason, a core group is established at the professionals' meeting who will communicate throughout the duration of our involvement.

As standard we provide comprehensive assessments, tailor made to individual need, using psychometric measures where appropriate; structured risk protocols such as ERASOR and AIM 2, as well as other bespoke assessment tools.  This assessment is used to determine current risk and need and includes a specified plan for intervention. 

SWAAY Community Services will always acknowledge the young person’s individual circumstances and the needs of the family including any siblings.  For that reason, the team have also developed an expertise in completing assessments that include assessments of parents’ ability to protect, as well as assessments of siblings’ self-protection skills and family reunification assessments.

Skills within our team also allow us to provide a wide variety of other assessments in addition to those specifically designed for harmful sexual behaviour such as:

  • WISC assessments of cognitive functioning;

  • Speech and Language;

  • Attachment Style;

  • Trauma and mental health

     > Individual Therapeutic Packages

The assessment process is designed to determine the nature and level of the intervention that each young person requires and a therapeutic plan is devised

Depending on their needs, young people may be offered:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Play Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

Depending on the needs of the family, the package may also include:

  • Parenting Work

  • Sibling self-protection work

  • Sibling victim-focused work

  • Developing family safety plans

  • Family Reunification work

 SWAAY Community Based Service also has established links with Circles of Support and it may be appropriate for the young person to be referred to this service in order to ensure that the young person is offered ongoing support in the community.

> Re-Assessment

SWAAY Community Based Service work hard to ensure that their assessment and intervention work has a positive outcome on the lives of the young people and their families/carers.  On completion of any intervention, re assessment is completed in order to determine if any further intervention is required.

 > Other Services

SWAAY Community Based Service also offer Consultancy and Training.  They offer psycho-education programmes for schools, targeting sexual exploitation and media technology- related sexual behaviour.  We also provide advice to schools on managing emerging sexuality.

> Make a referral enquiry

To make an initial referral enquiry, contact us or complete and send our referral form>