Residential Care

We run a small portfolio of family-style homes in the Thames Valley, providing each young person with a stable and supportive living environment.

Our family-style homes are situated in residential areas in the Thames Valley region, locations that help to reinforce feelings of normality and belonging in our young people. As well as offering easy access to our school, each Ofsted-registered home is designed to provide those we look after with a secure, nurturing and comfortable home life, 365 days a year.

In our homes, we aim to provide young people with:

  • A safe and supervised environment, which protects them and the wider community from harm
  • A warm, friendly and homely setting within which they are expected to respect boundaries, other residents and staff
  • Predictable daily regimes that promote self-discipline, personal responsibility and consideration of others
  • Support for their personal interests and aptitudes to help build their confidence, skills and self-esteem
  • The opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle through access to healthy food, sports, recreational and cultural opportunities
  • The group living needed to help them build healthy, happy relationships with others.

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‘A Social Worker observed, “He has made progress in the time at the home; most significantly he has an increasing awareness of how he presents himself socially and physically.'
Ofsted Inspection 2011/12