Residential Care Continued

We design our homes to feel like family units: places where our young people can feel safe, comfortable and part of a community.

All our homes are designed to support our therapeutic and educational services by providing young people with the positive surroundings they need to develop personally, emotionally and socially.

Home life

Each home has a communal living room, kitchen and garden. Young people are expected to help maintain high living standards by tidying their rooms and communal areas as well as by preparing regular meals under supervision. Menus revolve around healthy eating and mealtimes are communal affairs.We also encourage young people to air their views on their home life by joining in daily house meetings and regular group discussions with staff. This allows them to share their ideas on everyday matters and enables the building of positive and considerate relationships with everyone else involved in the home.

> Daily routines

Home life is structured around consistent daily regimes, which help young people to feel safe and take personal responsibility. A typical day starts with breakfast then school. The school day is then usually followed by sports activities and therapy before the evening is spent at home enjoying supper, helping with household tasks, doing schoolwork and taking time out to relax.

> Managing behaviour

We pay great attention to behaviour management, using a system of personal ‘leisure’ credits to incentivise and reward good behaviour. ‘Group leisures’ are also regularly awarded in each home, to enable the young people to enjoy the leisure activities together.

> Promoting development

On arrival at our homes, young people undergo an initial period of 24/7 staff supervision. Over time, this is incrementally reduced through ‘discretions’, with each person earning small and specified freedoms in return for good behaviour. These ‘discretions’ may include independent shopping trips or the use of public transport and create a structured journey towards responsible independence.

> Residential Staff team

Residential Team