We provide care to boys and young males between the ages of 10-21 who display sexually harmful behaviour and who may have experienced abuse themselves.

Our goal with every potential referral is to ensure the child or young person involved receives the best and most appropriate care for his needs. That’s why, in considering a placement, we carefully assess each individual’s suitability and ask referrers to provide as much background information on each candidate as possible.

Make a referral enquiry

To make an initial referral enquiry, contact us or complete and send our referral form>

You may contact us to request a hard copy of the brochure that details our services or download an electronic version here.

> Our referral process

Our referral process usually involves the following steps:

1. Social worker or referring agency calls us for an initial discussion.

2. If all agree to proceed, we ask the referrer to complete a referral form and supply all the relevant information and documentation.

3. Our managerial team assesses the supplied information.

4. If all agree to proceed, we arrange an exploratory meeting with the referrer, the young person involved and any other relevant professionals. We also invite all parties to visit SWAAY to aid the decision-making process.

5. We consider the views of all parties involved, including those of the young person in question, before reaching a final decision.

6. We contact the referrer to discuss our decision.