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Our Approach

The Good Lives Model

At SWAAY we work according to the ‘Good Lives Model (GLM)’ which suggests that most people have common needs or goals that they place in varying order of importance (depending on what matters most to them). According to this model harmful sexual behaviour can be explained as a problematic way of trying to meet these needs. As such, the Residential, Education and Therapy teams work closely with the children/young people at SWAAY to build on their capabilities and strengths to allow them to achieve their life goals in a safe way that doesn’t cause harm to themselves or others. We believe that ‘what works’ in rehabilitating children/young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour is our evidence based therapeutic programme; however we recognise that ‘what matters’ for our children/young people are the opportunities for a Good Life that are supported by everyone involved in their care.

Our Approach

Attachment & Trauma Theory

We have six children’s homes registered to accommodate up to four male children/young people between the ages of 11 – 18 who have histories of trauma, disrupted attachments and harmful sexual behaviour. The homes operate 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year.

Each home is a family style property situated in Berkshire and is not distinguishable from other houses in the area. The homes are all located close to transport links and with access to local amenities including shopping and a multitude of both outdoor and indoor leisure activities.

Our staff teams provide an outstanding quality of care. 100% are currently rated by Ofsted as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. Our most recent reports can be found at the following links: