I called your earlier to tell you that T was very positive about his visit - he was very happy to have you and felt you was a person he could talk too. You made a good impression on T! M and L would like to bring T to the placement on Saturday and T wants them to see the house, … thank you for being so welcoming and accommodating.

Social Worker

I feel very fortunate that my son is living in such a perfect home to meet his needs. It truly is a home from home, with the added benefits of structured support to help him work through his challenges. The staff are absolutely terrific and ensure that the children feel safe; loved and wanted. It feels like a regular home, with transparent fair rules; healthy routines, clear objectives and above all, a feel of inclusion. I have felt included in all key decisions; all key challenges and best of all, all key successes. It is very much a family environment which I have felt privileged to have been a part of so far. The support that my son is receiving is spot on to help him meet his goals.


We are beyond grateful for the services that SWAAY provides. Our son has been surrounded by people who care and want the best for his future. Since coming into SWAAY's care he has had excellent educational opportunities and has made more academic progress than we could have hoped for. Within his house he's had a core team of staff who know him well and can meet his complex needs. They have helped him to become more independent and work hard to help him do things that he enjoys. The therapy team have also been instrumental in helping us all to understand why our son needs the services that SWAAY provides.


Having worked with SWAAY, I am delighted to confirm that they have always demonstrated an exceptional ability to assist young persons with complex needs. As a Local Authority Social Worker, SWAAY has been consistent in meeting the care and support needs of young persons I assist. As a care provider, they are organised, efficient and extremely competent. The excellent rapport they have formed with young persons confirmed their ability to provide empathy, warmth, and positive role models. SWAAY have demonstrated an understanding and appreciation of collaborative working. I very much value working with providers who are person-centred in their approach and whose friendly yet efficient work-ethic means that the best possible outcomes are achieved for young persons.

Social Worker

I have lived here for over a year now and I have now learnt that nothing is impossible for me to achieve. No matter your background you are always accepted and not judged. Here there are people from all walks of life that look after us and help us thrive. Undoubtedly its hard being away from home and doing therapy but it’s not quite as hard with everyone working as a team. This house does feel like a home and the staff and young people do feel like family. Everyone is in it together, we laugh together, we cry together. We have a small school but the school is full of people that want to help us learn and achieve. I missed about a year of school before coming here and now I have managed to catch up to where I should have been.

Young Person at Swaay

C is clearly extremely well supported at Cressex Lodge and it is so positive to hear how he and school have turned things around. Thank you to all staff involved in supporting C and enabling him to make so much progress during this very challenging period.

Virtual School Head

Cressex Lodge have been one of the first providers to keep us updated of the steps taken to ensure our CiC are able to access education throughout lockdown with as little disruption to their routine as possible, whilst being mindful of the government's health and safety advice. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the consistent approach throughout this extremely testing and unique period and look forward to our future working together.

Senior Education Support Officer

My son has been at Cressex Lodge now for almost two years and he has achieved more in those two years than he did during his previous school years combined. Cressex Lodge has a wonderful approach to meet the individual needs of its pupils and my son has blossomed in every single subject area. There is a perfect balance of care, attention, encouragement, discipline, fun, time in and out of class, coupled with solid determination to fulfil each pupils full potential. My son has made some terrific friendships, smiles so much more and is very happy there. The staff are brilliant and the atmosphere is perfect for the boys. I am so delighted that I found Cressex Lodge, it is the making of my son.


The provision in place to support our young looked after children at SWAAY throughout lockdown has been highly effective. You have been able to maintain a close semblance of the usual routine of the day by providing timetabled lessons from 9am-3pm each day and, within that, there has been live teaching and support from teaching staff and TAs available. This work is supported in the home with TAs in attendance to ensure engagement and access is well managed. Indeed, one of our Looked After children has had 2:1 support for the past few weeks via this mix of online support and face to face support. Additionally, you have been able to support the young people’s need for socialisation (a huge concern for us for our young people in residential/education placements). By arranging social lunch times (via video calling) and house to house quizzes etc, you have supported the social skills and mental well-being of our children. Thank you for all you continue to do for our young people.

Virtual School Lead

I have been impressed the quality of care that A is receiving and with the close relationship between placement and school. The school provides a nurturing environment and the quality of education is the best I have seen in an independent provision. A’s curriculum is carefully planned to meet his needs and contains the flexibility to adapt depending on the changing needs and concerns. A’s teachers are committed to both meeting his academic needs and his emotional needs. Small group and 1:1 sessions are carefully planned to address areas of weakness and to develop skills he will need as he approaches independenc

Area Learning Advocate

I am so proud of what F had achieved this year. He made the choice to leave his family/his home to go to swaay to try and better himself. I think the work swaay does is amazing. More teenage children SHOULD have this because the young adults we are bringing into the world would be so much BETTER. Thank you.


As a Social Worker who has worked with many educational settings, I can honestly and confidently state that Cressex Lodge is a shining example of a first-class and child-focused learning environment. It is such an honour and privilege to work in partnership with you all.

Social Worker

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at SWAAY for all the good working relationship we have had during my time in Gloucester. There have been good communication from yourselves both to me and to K’s mum. I would also like to commend you for the good relationship established with K as this has allowed him to feel contained, cared for and support and subsequently he has been able to progress according to his ability. Your team goes over and beyond in making sure that his needs are met.

Social Worker

Was great to catch you this morning, thank you for listening to me and my concerns, getting back to me so quickly and for everything else that you do, I think you're amazing and appreciated everything you do, when I first met you I couldn't have conceived the amount of work you do to help all of these children, the hours you put in, I think you're an inspiration and I'm sorry if I've made your job harder or not seen it from your side. Hope you know how much I appreciate your whole team.


Following on from yesterday’s conference meeting. I’m sure you will do this, but please take note of the compliments voiced by the father of P. He stated that since moving to you he had only positive progress to comment on. This included him saying that he felt that his relationship with P was better than it has ever been. He felt that this was directly attributable to the approach from you and your team. Please will you make sure that you pass this on to the team. I would also like to say thank you for being so accommodating at the change of arrangements at short notice because of the current situation.


Thank you for your positive comments. I have really enjoyed working with you and your team, and was really encouraged to see the progress the children and young were making at the last two inspections.

Ofsted Inspector

I thought I would send an update to how T is doing at home with his transition into Swaay. I think coming into school and the house for a few days at a time has helped him adjust to the situation very well. He likes the school and staff and is looking forward to joining them all. At the the home he said he gets on very well with the staff and boys and everyone is friendly he feels he can settle in the home and be happy, he really likes SA and thinks of her as a mother figure and a friend he said he can talk to her about anything that he is worried about and likes spending time with her. SA thank you for all your help and support with T he feels he has a strong bond with you and you have made what could have been a worrying situation into a smooth journey. Before T came he was very anxious and worried about the whole situation but he now feels a lot happier and is looking forward to joining Swaay. I hope he gets accepted because it will be a fresh start for him and he deserves that so much, he is a kind, funny cheeky, loving boy and just needs the help that the Swaay team can give him.


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