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Our Therapy

Our Approach

The holistic therapeutic approach at SWAAY is influenced by The Trauma Recovery Model (Skuse & Matthew, 2015). The model was originally designed in order to better account for the impact that trauma can have on early development and subsequent behavioural issues amongst adolescents, and to illustrate the necessity of layering treatment to enable the young person to experience the psychological safety needed to progress through treatment.

In order to assist the young person in examining their own past experiences of victimisation, as well as their own problematic or harmful behaviour, our programme thus utilises a range of different approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Therapeutic Counselling, the Good Lives Model, Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Our interventions are based on a holistic therapeutic approach, where the child is at the centre of the work we complete, allowing for flexibility to incorporate the young person’s specific needs and developmental status into their therapy package.

Individualistic Approach

Ongoing Assessments

To ensure an individualistic approach to treatment, our comprehensive pre-, mid- and post-treatment assessments guide the treatment aims and serves as a base for ongoing research into the efficacy of the programme at SWAAY.

In house and peer-reviewed research has suggested that the approach at Swaay is effective in reducing the risk of further harmful sexual behaviour, improving mental health and reducing trauma symptomatology (Edwards, R., Beech, A., Bishopp, D., Erikson, M., Friendship, C., & Charlesworth, L. (2005) ; Edwards, R., Whittaker, M. K., Beckett, R., Bishopp, D., & Bates, A. (2012); Gilderthorp, N. (2017, Unpublished).