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Although we have age-based standard protocols for our specialist harmful sexual behaviour assessments; we recognise that it is vital to adapt our approach on a case by case basis to best meet the needs of each referral. Our assessment process is therefore individualised as well as comprehensive in that we use psychometric questionnaires and other evidence based tools to inform the use of recognised risk assessment protocols, such as AIM3. Completion of an assessment allows us to determine the nature and level of the intervention that each person requires and a therapeutic plan is devised.

Depending on their needs, young people may be offered: Individual Therapy (approaches include: psycho-education; CBT; EMDR; Psychotherapy; Trauma Life Narrative); and Group Work either within one of our established in-house programmes or a programme designed specifically for community-based referrals. The package may also include: DDP informed Parenting/Family Work; sibling victim-focused work; family reunification work; training and consultancy to care staff. It is vital that this work is well management and integrated. Swaay can therefore provide a more case management role, or link up with statutory provision already in place. We work hard to ensure that the work we do has a positive outcome on the lives of the young people and their families/carers, as well as the wider community. Regular progress reports are produced and on completion of each therapeutic package we use objective measures to evaluate the intervention and identify any future needs.

The considerable experience we have gained in working in this field, where we are regularly working young people and families with complex histories and presentations, means that we are in a good position to now offer additional therapeutic services in the local area outside the specialism of harmful sexual behaviour.

Our Services

Services We Offer

This list is not exhaustive and in many cases an individual or family may need a bespoke combination of one of more of these.

  • Special Education Needs (inc autism assessments & ADHD)
  • Trauma and Mental Health assessments
  • Family/Parent/Carer assessments
  • Psychological assessments of risk and need
  • Art Therapy for young people with complex needs
  • Theraplay interventions
  • Trauma interventions (including EMDR; TF-CBT)
  • Individual Psychotherapy

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