Holistic care for children and young people

SWAAY is a specialist provider of care for boys and young males who have displayed sexually harmful behaviour.


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Our Vision

To provide safety and inspire growth for young people who have suffered trauma and perpetrated sexual harm.

At Swaay we strive to provide the best possible opportunities for the young people to feel safe enough to recover from their past experiences and to develop the insights and skills needed to live a life free from abuse.

Our outstanding homes are registered with Ofsted and can be found here.

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Community Based Service

We offer tailor made assessments and interventions for male and female children, young people, young adults and their families within a geographical area accessible to members of our therapeutic team.

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Leaving Care

SWAAY works hard to ensure those leaving our care are ready to take the step and are fully supported at each stage, whether they are moving on to independence or to further education.

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What Our Clients Say

For the important work we do, we have to work very closely with parents, social workers, OfSted, local authorities and many, many more. Here are some comments from people we work with:

“I have lived here for over a year now and I have now learnt that nothing is impossible for me to achieve. No matter your background you are always accepted and not judged. Here there are people from all walks of life that look after us and help us thrive. Undoubtedly its hard being away from home and doing therapy but it’s not quite as hard with everyone working as a team. This house does feel like a home and the staff and young people do feel like family. Everyone is in it together, we laugh together, we cry together. We have a small school but the school is full of people that want to help us learn and achieve. I missed about a year of school before coming here and now I have managed to catch up to where I should have been.”

Young Person at Swaay

“Having worked with SWAAY, I am delighted to confirm that they have always demonstrated an exceptional ability to assist young persons with complex needs. As a Local Authority Social Worker, SWAAY has been consistent in meeting the care and support needs of young persons I assist. As a care provider, they are organised, efficient and extremely competent. The excellent rapport they have formed with young persons confirmed their ability to provide empathy, warmth, and positive role models. SWAAY have demonstrated an understanding and appreciation of collaborative working. I very much value working with providers who are person-centred in their approach and whose friendly yet efficient work-ethic means that the best possible outcomes are achieved for young persons.”

Social Worker

“We are beyond grateful for the services that SWAAY provides. Our son has been surrounded by people who care and want the best for his future. Since coming into SWAAY's care he has had excellent educational opportunities and has made more academic progress than we could have hoped for. Within his house he's had a core team of staff who know him well and can meet his complex needs. They have helped him to become more independent and work hard to help him do things that he enjoys. The therapy team have also been instrumental in helping us all to understand why our son needs the services that SWAAY provides.”


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